How to eat cookies ?

We’re not talking about a single piece of cookie you bite from friends, no problem about that, what we mention here is the problems you get with a full box of cookies (Hollanda, Vincci,ect), you either get stuck on one of these case:

1/ “One piece of them and I will close the box, I don’t want to get fat”

And you ended up ate around 10 pieces ( worst case : all of them ), before your super super strong mind stopped you.

  • Reason: Your will is not strong as you think.
  • Solution: Grab the number of pieces you want, take out of the box and close its lid, then (if nessary) put the box away from your eyes. You don’t know to open it again, do you ?

2/ The cookies are not crunchy as they used to be.

The first piece is always the best one, especially with cookies for people who always eat their cookie box opened. As a result, your cookies get softer overtime and that’s not what you want.

  • Reason : Air meet cookies
  • Solution: Do it like  case 1, just grab some to eat, then close the lid, and if you want more, you know what to do.

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