Some people don’t want to show up early, because that means they have to wait

Some people don’t want others to wait for them, so they’ve never been late.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not type 1.

As a kid, I always asked my Dad to carry me early to school, even though most kids have problems waking up at 6:00 and being at school about 7:00 ( in my country ), I belong to 0.0001% eccentrics showing up in the school yard with their breakfast at 6:20.

Some people love waiting.

They love that feeling when being the only one in the room, seeing one by one across that door.

They want the “Sorry I’m late” and its reason are from someone that’s not from them.

So they can enjoy the peaceful moment before everything go rush and chaos, when people come and start to judge others, when they still can be themself.

Because that person is worth waiting for.

Or maybe they’re just stupid and don’t know that they are doing nothing but wasting time.

HL Sum



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